Grand Pinot was initially just a schnapps or wine idea. At the beginning I had to smile a lot myself when I told friends that I would soon be wearing watches made from used barrique barrels. Then why did I stick to the realization of the idea? And how did I come up with it? I think it was the attraction
to combine two passions. “


“My one passion is wine. For me, this includes not only the multifaceted taste, but also the cultural and social aspect that goes hand in hand with wine enjoyment. I remember unforgettable evenings with special people, in the most beautiful places, most of them excellent Weeping were accompanied.
At the same time, I’ve always had a weakness for elegant watches. I was never interested in particularly eye-catching designs. I was much more interested in elegant models that stand out from the crowd through their attention to detail.

About two years before the company was founded, while enjoying a nice Pinot Noir, the idea arose
to combine the passion for wine with the preference for elegant watches and thus create an opportunity to carry those special moments with you permanently. The vision that emerged from this was to manufacture watches from barrique barrels, that is, to combine the attitude to life and the love for wine and nature with modern technology and design.
The idea of ​​Grand Pinot was born. This was followed by around two years of design work and the search for a partner, until I finally found a watch manufacturer that now enables my vision to come true.



As with the production of great wines, perfectionism comes first with Grand Pinot. From the selection of expressive wine barrels to the minute work on the dial and clock, we leave nothing to chance.
Every barrel watch goes through an elaborate manufacturing process.