“GRAND PINOT was initially just a crazy idea that came up during some wine tastings. At first, all I could do was laugh when I told my friends that I would soon wear watches made of used barrique barrels. Why then did I hold on to this idea? And how did I come up with it?

I think it was the charm of combing two passions…”

My one passion is wine. For me, it is not only the multifaceted taste that wine offers, but also the cultural and social aspect that is associated with wine. I think back to unforgettable evenings with special people, in the most beautiful places, most of which were accompanied by excellent wines.

At the same time, I have always had a passion for elegant watches. I was never concerned about particularly flashy designs. I was much more interested in elegant models that stood out from the crowd because of their attention to detail.

Just over two years ago while enjoying a fine pinot noir, the idea of combining my passion for wine with my preference for elegant watches and of thus creating the possibility to carry the special moment permanently with me came to life. The vision behind this was to create watches made of barrique barrels, that is combining life and love for wine and nature with modern technology and design.

Thus, the idea of GRAND PINOT was born. About two years of design work followed, including the search for a partner. However, I finally found a genuine watchmaker that has helped make my vision possible.”



As in the production of great wines, perfection takes center stage at GRAND PINOT.
From the selection of expressive wine barrels, to the meticulous work on the dial and watch, we leave nothing to chance.
Each barrique watch undergoes a complex production process.