Where can I buy Grand Pinot Watches?

Since the production of every barrique watch is very complex and the production capacities are limited, we cannot be active on every channel. We therefore have to select our distribution channels and select only partners that fit in with our philosophy. We will try to keep the list of suppliers up to date and make your shopping experience as pleasant as possible. You can find all the watches in the collections at


How much do the grain of the wood and the influence of the wine differ from the individual pictures?

Each Grand Pinot watch is unique. The grain varies from watch to watch, as does the influence of the wine. It is a natural product whose expression cannot be influenced.


How do I set my watch?

Starting position / Manual winding for automatic watches:
Applies only to automatic watches: You can also manually wind the movement of your automatic watch. To do this, turn the crown in position A) clockwise between thumb and index finger about 20 times.

Date setting (Only for models with date display):
Slightly pull out the crown to lock it in position B. The date can now be set by turning the crown counterclockwise.

Time setting:
Pull out the crown slightly so that it engages in position C) (please note: for watches without a date display, the time setting takes place in position B). The time can now be set by turning the crown.

After setting, the watch must be returned to the starting position (A) by pushing in the crown. Make sure that the crown engages and is firmly seated to prevent the ingress of dust and water and to ensure the maximum service life of your GRAND PINOT.

Terms and Conditions Facebook/Instagram/Social Media – What are the terms and conditions for competitions on Facebook/Instagram/Social Media?

A) Scope of application

The conditions of participation apply to all entries made by Grand Pinot, Eamon O’Sullivan, with business address OSA McQuillan – Accountants and Business Advisers, 69 Main Street, Blackrock, Co Dublin A94 N6D0 (hereinafter referred to as “Grand Pinot”). By participating, each participant accepts the conditions of participation.
The sweepstakes have no connection to Facebook. All information in the context of the sweepstakes is provided exclusively by Grand Pinot. There will be no organization, sponsorship, support or similar through Facebook/Instagram/or other social media channels, which will not give rise to any legal claims against Facebook.

B) Participation and Terms of Participation

Eligibility to participate in Grand Pinot sweepstakes on Facebook is open to any natural person of at least 18 years of age in their own name. If a participant is under the age of sixteen but under the age of majority, he or she may only enter the Grand Pinot Facebook Sweepstakes with the consent of a parent or guardian.
Excluded from participation are legally incompetent persons and minors under the age of 16.
Also excluded from participation are employees of the lottery organiser, employees and their relatives or employees of companies participating in this lottery.
Grand Pinot reserves the right to exclude persons from participation at any time if the conditions of participation are violated. This also applies to persons who gain or attempt to gain an advantage over other participants by inadmissibly influencing or manipulating the competition. In the event of violations of the conditions of participation, Grand Pinot may also subsequently exclude participants from the competition, deny prizes or reclaim prizes already received.
Participation is possible within the first period specified in the description of the competition. Each participant is only entitled to participate once in an identical competition.

C) Execution of the competition

Prerequisite for the participation in Facebook lotteries of Grand Pinot is an action or interaction in connection with the lottery, which is named in the description of the lottery. This can be, for example, in a “Like” of the Facebook presence, in a comment on the Facebook presence of Grand Pinot or in the posting of a photo on the Facebook presence of the organizer. The competition will take place during the specified period. All participants in the lottery who meet the entry requirements by the respective time of the draw will be considered. The winner of the lottery will be drawn at random among the participants shortly after expiry of the participation period.
Changes or cash payments of the winning/prize are excluded. Winnings/prizes are not transferable.

D) Processing of winnings

The winner will be notified electronically, e.g. via Facebook and, if the email address is known, by email from Grand Pinot. With regard to the acceptance of the prize, each participant is obliged to inform Grand Pinot within four weeks of receiving the notification whether he accepts the prize. If Grand Pinot does not receive a notification within this period, it will forfeit the right to accept the prize. Grand Pinot then reserves the right to draw lots for another participant as the winner and notify him accordingly.
If the participant’s contact details are incorrect (e.g. e-mail address) or the message ends up in spam filters or inaccessible message boxes, Grand Pinot is not obliged to determine the correct data. Any disadvantages resulting from the provision of incorrect contact data or technical problems with the delivery of the message (e.g. incorrect e-mail address/spam filters, etc.) shall be borne by the participant.